the-count-of-tuscany-deactivate:  Essas imagens, essa música, seu tumblr. Novamente, depois de muito tempo eu volto a dizer: Lindo blog cara.

Eu que agradeço pelos elogios. Obrigado.

wworldwars:  Velho, seu blog é perfeito. Parabéns.

KKK, valeu!

odetodecay:  Ótimo blog! Se importaria em dizer onde você pega as imagens?

Muito obrigado. Bom, a maioria é de um site russo, o resto é aleatorio mesmo. Alguns reblogs de outros tumblrs tambem.

foolify:  What theme do you use?

Actually I use a certain theme, and edict of my form.

unkn0wn-b0nes:  I love your blog, is perfect!!

ah thank you friend.

europaisdead:  Great blog. It will be so much great if you can say me what is the piano song like background :D

Thank you! The music is Im Hof Der Reichskanzlei “Der Untergang Soundtrack “La Caida”

Anônimo:  what does opacasilentianoctis mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

Opaca silentia noctis means “dark night” something. In the beginning was the url of my first blog, so I decided not to change. Anyway, I do not earn any money with it.

Anônimo:  Omg, your blog is fantastic.

Wow, thank you.

simonsaaays:  thanks for the follow back, your blog is absolutely amazing.

I thank you! :)

fondling-llamas:  you are my favorite blog. I believe in the swastika because it means a sign of peace to me, this does not mean i supported killing Jews.

Thanks, and good, not sure if I understand right. But I hope it continues always thinking of peace. Right? haha